Filippo Merli:

Killing Entropy

What I do



A simple in memory key-value datastore with persistence. KyVe is as really simple hybrid key-value storage. Hybrid because maintain 2 db, one in memory, a symple JS Object, the other one is stored. Get a value is the same thing that get a value from a JS Object. The goal is to have a sobstitute for LocalStorage on Node and Cordova without the size limit and not too slow.

Allx Website

Static website done with a bootstrap theme. Crossbar used for showing fresh stock data downloaded from Google finance.


Django plugin for authenticate wordpress users. Very modular: you have can define your wordpress session manager and you can provide new authentications methods


Coming soon Piuma, bitcore API for mobile, done in the spv way.


Ecma6 phone serverless app able to scan a qr code (the employee name) and to register the time of entry and exit of the employee in a DynamoDB table. The front end done with riot.js and bulma.


Coming soon Piuma, bitcore API for mobile, done in the spv way.

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What I think


30 Minutes Bitcoin

“Bitcoin in meno di trenta minuti” really basic and introductory guide to Bitcoin, but appreciated by the Italian community.

docs on Stack Overflow

Technical example about thin client. The examples are coded in js with bitcore-p2p and they are: Request a merkle block with bitcore-p2p and Download an header chain with bitcore-p2p.


Cooming soon, something about js objects and functional programming

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